Helping Small Businesses Create Success

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Development Plans

We can promise one thing: you won't find success if you don't know how to get there.  You need a plan.

If you've recently started or are seeking funding to start a business, you need a business plan

Business plans provide guidance answering the questions: Who? and What? about your business.

Using a situation analysis they identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing your business. They offer a framework to house your mission, vision and values. A business plan will define your product or service, target audience and the pathways to achieve your short and long term goals.  It also outlines your financial summary and operating procedures. A complete business plan will provide an implementation timeline for a step-by-step road map to success in your first year.

If you're managing an existing business, you need a strategic plan.

Strategic plans provide answers to the questions:  How? and When? regarding your future success.  A strategic plan communicates to staff and stakeholders the direction of the business. They are for business owners and organizations that are serious about growth. A strategic plan will prioritize resources to grow revenue, determine the metrics to measure success, what actions needs to take place in order to achieve it and sets a deadline for each action.  A well written strategic  plan will provide a bird's-eye view at the road map to drive your success in the next 3-5 years.

Business Development

Client acquisition and retention training is available for groups or individuals. We work with you to customize sessions to meet your business needs.

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